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110913-00011 How it works

13. September 2011 09:28
by: IT-Intouch

It says in the app store you can use this app with an iPad. I installed it and it won’t allow me to create or upload a schedule. What do I do?

What happens when you want to create a new schedule?

110728-00010 A few questions

28. July 2011 10:22
by: IT-Intouch

I just bought this app from my iphone and I want to know how do you delete a schedule? Also can tasks only be created for the main schedule not for the individual schedules that you create? I am a little confused about that. Also can you delete subjects or edit subjects once they have been created?


Slide over any item you want to delete, an click on delete.

110316-00009 UK Grading

16. March 2011 11:41
by: IT-Intouch

Could we have U.K. Grading e.g. 3c 3b 3a 4c 4b

Could you please send us a source (e.g. a URL) where this System is explained. Thank you.

110302-00008 Backup error

2. March 2011 12:37
by: IT-Intouch

when I try to backup my schedule, it says there is an error. I want to backup because while i was using the app, it crashed and my homework and classes were erased

Please check your connection to the Internet. Without a connection you cannot backup.

110110-00007 Different hours during different days

10. January 2011 16:16
by: IT-Intouch

My school has different hours during different days of the week. Could support be added for this? Thank you


it is not possible to set different hours in one week. Please take the highest number of hours you need at one day and leave the others free.

100921-00005 Awesome but…

21. September 2010 09:44
by: IT-Intouch

LOVE THIS APP!!! But it needs a few things:
1. Calendar month (you could click a day and add a new assignment/exam with the date already set to the one you tapped)
2. Local reminders for tasks and exams
3. Some tips and tricks built in.
4. Local reminder…SO IMPORTANT!!!

Thank you for this feature requests. we work hard on implementing push notifications. the calender month tapped idea is great. we’ll check it.

100921-00006 A_B Schedule

by: IT-Intouch

It NEEDS AN A/B SCHEDULE!!! I CAN’T USE THIS THING CUZ MY SCHOOL USES THE A/B SCEDULE!!! Please add one as quickly as possible. Please.
Oh ywah, it would also be pretty cool if you could add push notifications.

Hi Jay,

A/B Schedule is implemented and already in test mode. we will release the next version soon! Other cool things are added too. Push notifications are on our list but not implemented yet.

100910-00004 Schulplaner

10. September 2010 17:17
by: IT-Intouch

Hallo, eine frage zum schulplaner: ich habe auf meinen iPod die englische version, moechte aber auf deutsch haben. Wie koennte ich es umaendern? Fable!

The language of the App depends on the language settings of your iPhone.

100901-00003 Desktop Management?

1. September 2010 18:05
by: IT-Intouch

Hello- I am a teacher of a very small classroom, investigating the app—it looks wonderful. I just wondered if there’s a way to manage it from a computer desktop, or if that would be coming soon if not?

As far as I know, there is no way to manage any app from a computer desktop?!? Maybe there is a way, but I never heard of it, yet. Sorry. Maybe this info could help

100622-00002 Grade System US

22. June 2010 16:46
by: IT-Intouch

I want to change the grade system to US!

Go to the overview of the plans and click the cog wheel icon. Here you are able to setup the plan and the grade sytem