• Avaiable Languages: English and German
  • Several Grading systems ( US, German, 100 Points, Swiss)
  • Deletable schedules


  • Several schedules e.g. for several terms, fellow students and also for parents with several children
  • Flexible hours per day
  • Tutors
  • Day View
  • Classrooms
  • Week View if iPhone is turned horizontal
  • One color for each subject
  • Number of days per week can be set (eg for Saturday classes)


  • Never forget your homework
  • Register your homework for the next lessons
  • Mark homework as completed
  • A „badge“ informs you about missed homework
  • Homework is also visible at the schedule
  • Sort your homework by subject, schedule, status (current, completed, pending), date


  • You have your exam dates under control
  • Exams per subject for a specific date
  • Sort your exams by passed / not passed
  • Enter grades
  • A “badge” informs you  about pending exams
  • Sort your exams by subject, schedule, status (passed, failed, pending), date


  • You have your marks under control
  • Transcript
  • American grading system A-F
  • The App calculates your GPA
  • Average grades for every subject

If you think some function is missing, please tell us at www.schoolplanner-app.com. We will take it into account for the next update.